Language. History. Latin. Rhetoric.

Capstone seeks to serve scholars with rigorous curriculum that develops depth and breadth in all areas of learning. Our Humanities pedagogy at Capstone Classical is summed up in the words of another master teacher, Francis Bacon: "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." The primary assignment for scholars and mentors alike is to read, and after reading, to write.  Classical curriculum is known to be rigorous in that it demands focus and attention, while critical thinking skills are required to read, decode, and understand deep theory and reasoning. The Core Knowledge Curriculum will be employed as its curricular foundation through grade 8. In the humanities, Capstone will add the Art of Argumentation, Logic I and Logic II. Latin will already be studies by all grades as it included in the Core Knowledge curriculum.

We look for threads of the Great Conversation which naturally rise out of the Great Books, as emerging minds in each age respond and refer to the thoughts of the great minds of previous ages, thoughts and ideas will transcend the boundaries of time and place.