Classical Art. Music. Physical Health Education.

Capstone Classical Academy understands that key elements for a solid classical education includes the Arts.  Scholars will learn of the greats: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Nicholas Poussin, Claude Lorrain; their history and what influenced their works.

Musical emphasis will include choir, small ensembles, percussion, and a fife and drum corps to support the academy's emphasis on the founding of the nation. Scholars will receive instruction on music theory, music literacy, and hands on development of rhythm. Capstone is proud to provide scholars with the opportunity to a variety of instruments including African drums and marimba.

Art will include drawing, painting, creative arts, and VR art creation via Google Tilt Brush. Scholars will learn and utilize these media and more as they develop technique and understanding behind the creative mind.

Physical Health Education focuses on the whole body. Scholars will learn how to manage their eating habits, physical physique, and mental resiliency while understanding the importance to building knowledge of each. In support of physical health, Capstone is proud to provide scholars the opportunities to participate in cross country as well as the Cavalier Archery team.