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serving grades 6-12 in Pleasant View, Utah.

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Samantha Tinkey

Science Mentor

Mrs. Tinkey has been in education since 2014 when she began as a paraprofessional. She has four different college degrees and is completing her fifth this fall. Mrs. Tinkey began her working career in healthcare. She graduated with her first degree in Surgical Technology from Florida Southwestern University in 2009 and began working as a private surgical assistant the same year. She went on to obtain two more associates degrees from Weber State University and obtained her Bachelor’s of Integrated Studies degree in 2015. She has experience as a Nursing Assistant as well as Medical Assistant. Mrs. Tinkey is currently working towards a Masters of Education in Instructional Design at Western Governors University. Mrs Tinkey has experience teaching grades 2, 7, 8 and 9 -12 over the past four years and looks forward to working with middle school scholars once again.

Mrs. Tinkey is married and has four children, one daughter and three sons. She enjoys music and figure skating as hobbies outside the academy.

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